A name that conjures up memories of Past & Present.A name that thousand bank on for future pharmaceutical scenario.
A name that supports over 5000 families and promises a secure and progressive future to hundreds of people working for us and working with us.
With Mr. Jayesh Mehta at the helm of operations since inception in 1987; OLCARE Laboratories started as a Marketing House with a dream to have its own manufacturing unit that realized in March 1990.

  • OLCARE Laboratories started manufacturing its products under own supervision and in its own production unit.
  • OLCARE : A name that generates trust for quality medicines on which dedicated & diligent Doctors whole-heartedly depend on and continuous availability, round the year across 27 states of our great India!
  • OLCARE : A name that has given birth to 10 Segment specific Divisions in various specialties totaling to over 1000+ existing formulations in stock and nearly 100 more in pipeline, expected in current year!
  • OLCARE : The company that has remained a pioneer in launching latest molecules/ combinations/ compositions in Indian pharmaceutical formulation market since beginning.
  • OLCARE : Acquired its first ISO-9001-2000 in February 2007 along with “Schedule M” and then ISO 9001-2008 certification in May 2010 and now a respectable and coveted WHO-cGMP certified manufacturing unit at heart of Gujarat at Wadhwan City, at 220 43’ 16.51”N& 710 39’ 53.35”E location in India.

Our mission & vision:

Our Mission: To be able to serve all clinical segments like Pediatrics, Gynecology, Cardiology, Diabetology, Dental, Dermatology and General ailments for all age groups and all dosage forms like Tablets/ Capsules, Dry syrup, Liquid, Injectable and Topical. Cover all Therapeutic segments like Antibiotics, Analgesic/Anti-inflammatory, Gastric products, Heart diseases & Diabetes, Nutritional products, Respiratory specific products and all such useful range to cater to the needs of Billions of Indians first and Global later.

Also, to help hundreds of young & dynamic entrepreneurs to grow & excel in their own working districts as Distributors, thus indirectly support thousands of families across the country.

Our Vision: At OLCARE we are more humane than commercial. Professional Yes, commercial NO!We value human relations, cultures, promises/commitments and point of other person’s view. Our organization is small inside and very large outside. We handle most complex tasks through simplified, single-action procedures to maximize satisfaction and minimise time wastage & customer woes. Our sights are on Global markets beckoning us since long, and we are all geared up with WHO-Schedule-M and ISO standards. These will also add feathers to our cap in Indian market also and give enhanced credibility to OLCARE.

OLCARE LABORATORIES is having tablet, capsule and dry syrup department having large capacity as shown below on single shift basis.

Tablets Dept: 5,00,000 tablets/ shift.
Capsules Dept: 75,000 capsules/ shift.
Dry syrup Dept: 5,000 bottles/ shift.