Research & Developement (R & D)


From the inception, Olcare Laboratories has maintained a constant endeavor to expand the product range and enhance the quality of existing products. Olcare management carries the flames of courage, knowledge, foresight, professional excellence, innovation and in house technology for making the years to come “Brighter”. Our foresight and innovative approach has helped us be among One Of The Fastest Growing Successful Pharmaceutical Companies in India.

R&D has become backbone for the growth of Olcare. We have carried out Bioequivalence studies on number of drugs at Drug Monitoring research centre, Mumbai immediately after the introduction of new molecules from DRUGS CONTROL INDIA’S permission to market these products.

The development of each of the dosage form of drugs is specific and unique of its type and needs special design

  • Tablets : We have developed and marketed Uncoated, Multilayered, Dry coated,Film coated, Delayed release or Enteric coated, Extended  release, Soluble, Dispersible, Melt-In-Mouth tablets, Mouth Dispersible tablets and Tablets-in-tablets.
  • Liquid : Syrup, Suspension, pleasant Tasting Aqueous liquid composition of bitter tasting drugs.
  • Ointment : Greasy, Creams, Soluble ointment, Tooth Gelsand lotions.
  • Granules in Sachets & Dry syrup.

We have in-house  expertise to developall in house dosage formulations. Before developing new products we carryout in depth literature survey drug excipient compatibility studies pre formulation and then formation development, analytical development, packaging development and stability studies validation documentation like B.M.R and M.F.R.