The Plant & Laboratories

_DSC0063Chemical lab _DSC0071Analysis _DSC0085Analysis
_DSC0087Quality Control _DSC0089Quality Control _DSC0093Liquid Packaging
_DSC0097Liquid Filling _DSC0002Granulation – Drying


_DSC0013Tablet Coating _DSC0022Stripping


Storage of Finished Products & Dispatch

We have a huge Dual-level storage space of over 25000 Sq. feet Fully Air-conditioned area where we carefully store all our formulations once they are received from Manufacturing units. Every section is well defined for each Division. Liquid, Tablets & Injectables are all classified as per segments and space needs. A dedicated staff of over 30+ personnel to perform every function from Inward stocks, storing, sorting, updating, removing for dispatches and replenishing. Fully computerized invoicing, e-mailing, SMS systems for all distributors throughout India makes Olcare one of the best functional Depot systems in India. We are in process of expansion of built-up area this year for better storage & stocking.

IMG_0687Storage IMG_0697Storage